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Program: Talks

Monday 16- Thursday 19, September

Please remember to save some of your presentation time for questions. We suggest approximately 5 minutes.

Please prepare your presentation in pdf-formate and give it to us atleast 10 minutes before your session starts. You can also use a chalkboard in our lecture hall.

Monday 16th

09:00-09:30  Registration 

09:30-10:10  Cécile Pendland: "A Short Review of Stochastic Basics."

10:10-10:50  Peter Kloeden: "Numerical approximation of random and stochastic  (partial) differential equations."


11:30-12:00  Michael Weniger: "Galerkin approximation for a stochastic primitive equation model"

12:00-12:40  Elisabeth Ullmann: "Computational Tools for PDE-based Models with Random Coefficients."

12:40-13:10  Valerio Lucarini: "Entropy Production and Coarse Graining of the Climate Fields in a General Circulation Model"


 14:40-15:20 Peter Imkeller: "Paleo-climatic time series: statistics and dynamics."

15:20-15:50  Almut Gaßmann: "Do parameterizations obey the second law of thermodynamics?"


16:20-17:00  Matteo Colangeli: "Expanding around equilibrium: a novel perspective in Response Theory. "

17:00-17:30  Ekaterina Machulskaya: "Statistical approaches to represent the model error"


Tuesday 17th

09:00-09:40  Tim Palmer: "Four Key Reasons Why Our Comprehensive Weather and Climate Models Should Be Stochastic."

09:40-10:20  Judith Berner: "Improved skill in probabilistic forecasts with model-error schemes – structural uncertainty vs increased ensemble spread. "

10:20-10:50  Vassili Kitsios: "Stochastic subgrid parameterization with unified scaling laws for the eddy-eddy interactions in simulations of the atmosphere and ocean"


11:20-12:00  Jeroen Wouters: "Stochastic parametrization in weakly coupled multiscale systems. "

12:00-12:40  Tobias Kuna: "Typical behaviour of extremes of chaotic dynamical systems for general observables."

12:40-13:10  Alvaro de la Cámara: "A stochastic parameterization of gravity waves: formalism, tests in a GCM, and validation against observations.


16:20-17:00  Ulrich Achatz: "Towards climate-dependent sub-grid-scale parameterizations in efficient climate models: Fluctuation-dissipation and stochastic mode reduction."


Wednesday 18th

09:00-09:40  George Craig: "Formulation and impact of a stochastic parameterisation for cumulus convection."

09:40-10:20  Daan Crommelin: "Stochastic parameterization through statistical inference."

10:20-10:50  Tobias Selz: "Upscale error growth in simulations with resolved and stochastically parametrized convection: A comparison"


11:20-12:00  Axel Seifert: " Toward a stochastic parameterization of shallow convection for weather and climate models."

12:00-12:40  Jun-Ichi Yano: "Approaches for subgrid-scale physical parameterizations."

12:40-13:10  Kirsten Kober: "Towards a stochastic boundary layer parameterisation"


14:40-15:20  Jin-Song von Storch: "Can we further improve the relation of a stochastic parameterization to the resolved variables? "

15:20-15:50  Fenwick Cooper: "Stochastic sub grid eddy parameterization in a mid-latitude double-gyre ocean model."


16:20-16:50  "Heikki Järvinen: "A prediction model with the slowest growth of forecast error energy norm"


Thursday 19th

09:00-09:40  Paul Williams: "Climatic impacts of a stochastic parameterization of air-sea fluxes."

09:40-10:20  Leela Frankcombe: "Modelling multidecadal variability in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. "

10:20-10:50  Laurianne Batté: "Stochastic atmospheric perturbations in the EC-Earth v3 Earth system model: impact on seasonal predictions"


11:20-11:50  Stephan Juricke: "Stochastic sea ice parameterization and the role of atmospheric coupling"