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Stochastic Parameterisation in Weather and Climate Models

Symposium  2013, 16 - 19 September

at the Meteorological Institute, University of Bonn, Germany

   An important characteristic of weather and climate data is its pronounced variability with a continuous density spectrum over all scales of variability from the viscosity scale up to the Earth’s radius. The variability of the larger scales is reproduced by deterministic numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate models. However, because of obvious computational and technological limitations, these models cannot resolve explicitly all scales of motions. We thus have to resort to parameterisations that describe the effect of unresolved scales as functions of resolved variables. Deterministic parametrisations make rigorous sense if we have a (wide) scale separation between resolved and unresolved processes. However, the continuous density spectrum precludes any meaningful scale separation. Over recent years, a new approach was introduced to help solve these problems: using stochastic mathematics to formulate the impact of processes at unresolved scales on the resolved scales of motion (stochastic parameterisations). Although it has been demonstrated that stochastic parameterisation schemes produce promising results and more skilful estimates of uncertainty, the development of rigorous stochastic formulations in weather and climate models is still very much at an early stage and the demand for more fundamental research in this area is large. A comprehensive, process oriented implementation of stochastic parameterisations in model systems is still a great challenge and requires widely interdisciplinary effort.

   To foster research in this respect, the symposium will represent the interdisciplinarity of the subject ranging from mathematics and physics on a very fundamental level to atmosphere and ocean science. The symposium intends to provide the opportunity to present state-of-the-art and recent developments on stochastic parameterisations for weather and climate models. Discussion sessions aim at defining new research fields and major challenges in order to advance stochastic parameterisations.

Symposium funded by  LogoVW                

                       supported by  LogoNCAS