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GPM Validation

GPM ground validation site Bonn

The Global Precipitation Measurement core satellite (GPM) operates with a Ku-band and Ka-band Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR). This is the first spaceborne DPR and allows important global insight into three-dimensional precipitation structures from space [1].

The polarimetric X-band research radar in Bonn, Germany, (BoXPol) is part of an international network for ground validation of the GPM satellite.




2ADPR NS/ MS/ HS ZFactor Corrected Near Surface

BoXPol PPI Elevation 1.0° Zh / Zdr / Rhohv

Overpass: 2017-08-26


Overpass: 2014-10-07


Overpass: 2014-10-08


Overpass: 2015-01-28


Overpass: 2015-12-16


Overpass: 2016-02-09





[1] A. Y. Hou et al, The Global Precipitation Measurement Mission, American Meteorological Society S. 701 - 722, May 2014.

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