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  • The retrieval of the hydro-meteorological profiles from the brightness tempertures measured in the 22 channels has no unique solution. However, nature sets some constraints about the form and variability of the atmospheric state, which can be used to solve this problems. Currently we are working on two different approaches: a statistical retrival using a neural network and physical retrival based on the "optimal estimation" technique (Rodgers, 1976). Additional information, for example surface measurements of temperature, pressure and relative humidity, cloud base height (from ceilometer measurements) and cloud base temperature (measured by an infrared radiometer), are also incorporated in the retrieval.
  • At 25.235, 54.8 and 90 GHz measurements are performed at both linear polarizations. Measurements of polarization differences are used to investigate the effects of nonspherical particles (H.Czekala).
  • The instrument software allows to position the antenna either by predefined scan patterns or 'online' control. An infrared radiometer and a video camera are mounted on the antenna axis in order to easily locate clouds. This configuration should enable fast scanning of isolated clouds. Measurements with high temporal and spatial resolutions should help to gather more information on cloud development.



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