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Absorption coefficient MICCY measures the radiation emitted by the earth's atmosphere in frequency range from 20 to 100 GHz, the microwave region. The figure  shows the relevant absorbers in this frequency range: atmosperic water vapor and oxygen. Additionaly the three frequency bands of MICCY are shown: Band A has 10 channels along the high frequency slope of the 22.235 GHz water vapor emission line, Band B has 10 channels along the low frequency side of the oxygen complex at about 60 GHz and Band C consists of 2 channels (horizontal and vertical polarization) at 90 GHz. Information about the vertical structure of a constituent, e.g. water vapor, is gained from the pressure broadened line shape and/or by measurements at different zenith angles. The temperature information can be extracted from the temperature dependence of the oxygen absorption. Cloud liquid water absorption increases with frequency and is roughly independent of the cloud droplet size distribution.  
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